My approach to working with women around sexuality, empowerment, and reclaiming the feminine is very holistic in nature.

Some aspects of my work include:

Mother Wound

There are wounds that get passed to us through our matriarchal lineage. These wounds deeply impact our ability to feel alive, sensual and empowered as women. I have a unique approach for addressing the mother wound which helps women find relief from these wounds.

Reclaiming the Feminine

Our culture is overly dominated in masculine energy. Many of us have taken on too much masculine energy, which leaves us depleted and not feeling sensual or wanting sex.  I teach women how to reconnect to the feminine through the body.


Our culture has demonized and repressed female sexuality for 5,000 years. It's no wonder so many women don't have a vibrant sexual life. For many of us, our sexual development got stunted in our teen years, when we learned that being a sexual woman equals danger. I help women unlock stunted development, and work through other common blocks that keeps them from experiencing a deeply pleasurable sex life.

I also help women learn a new approach to sex, one that works much better for us as women.

Genital Disconnect

Most of us learn deep shame about our genitals, and have experienced some form of genital trauma. As a result, we disconnect from this potent, vibrant part of our bodies. Through somatic practice, I help women clear pain from the genitals and reconnect to genital aliveness.


When we disconnect from our body, the feminine, and sexuality, we lose contact to our deeper life desires. What is it you really desire to do and experience with this precious life of yours?

I help women get back in contact with their deeper desires, and move through the resistance and fear to having them.

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Before working with Sarah I had massive sexual guilt and shame and felt like a broken woman because sex was always painful. I had no libido and couldn’t imagine a man would ever want to be with me.

Now, I’m so much more in touch with my body. I feel much more turned on by sex and have even had pain-free sex. I know what I like, and able to ask for it.

“When you heal your relationship with your sexuality, your entire life will transform.
It is the key to your feminine power.”

– Sarah Kennedy

Low libido? Painful sex? Anorgasmic?

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